Saturday | 5.26.2018
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Reboot Those Broken New Year’s Diet and Exercise Resolutions

A good part of the new year has already come and gone, as have a significant number of New Year’s resolutions. Research shows that one-third of people who make resolutions will have broken them by the end of January.

But that’s no reason those promises need to fall permanently by the wayside.

When it comes to sticking to resolutions, especially those that will help to shrink the waistline, it’s the simple everyday tweaks to a routine that can make a big difference in how people look and feel, all year long.

According to recent survey by Splenda Sweetener Products with the support of Shape magazine, more than a third of American women think about their weight three or more times a day, and 54% think they will reach their ideal weight this year, but are unsure of the best way to do it.

“It’s important [that] women know…it’s the simple changes that are not only crucial to the weight-loss process, but are also the healthiest and most effective in the long run,” says Sharon Liao, Shape’s senior health and nutrition editor. “By incorporating healthy habits into their daily lives, women can start to see real results that will last well beyond the first few months of the year and quite possibly last for the rest of their lives.”

Make this year the best yet by getting back on the resolution bandwagon and following these tips for getting and/or staying healthy:

Know the Numbers
More than two-thirds of American women surveyed didn’t know that it takes 3,500 calories to lose a pound. Simply being knowledgeable about the calories one is consuming daily is the first step to smart and healthful weight management. This doesn’t mean that people can’t enjoy an occasional slice of birthday cake, but they need to realize they might have to spend more time at the gym or compensate by choosing a lower-calorie lunch.

Substitute With Savvy
By becoming savvy with healthful substitutions, one can swap out ingredients and still enjoy one’s favorite foods for fewer calories. Instead of butter, use light margarine. One can also swap whole milk for skim and use applesauce instead of cream. According to the survey, more than 70% percent of women add sugar to foods and beverages. To cut back on the added calories, try using no-calorie sweeteners instead of sugar in favorite foods and beverages. They measure cup-for-cup like sugar.

Eat Up
Women often tend to count calories and skimp on meals by nibbling too-small portions or skipping meals entirely throughout the day, leaving them hungry and more likely to reach for an unhealthful snack. Instead of skipping lunch, grab some greens and pair them with lean protein, such as chicken, or fiber, such as apples or nuts, to ensure that one isn’t hungry throughout the day.

Mix It Up
Feeling uninspired by a workout schedule? Just because one’s breaking a sweat doesn’t mean one has to be at the gym to do it. Breathe some life into physical activity by taking a class at the park, walking the dog with a friend, biking or walking to work, or taking the stairs.

Introduce Rewards
Stay on track with some little rewards. Buy a cute workout shirt to get excited about going to the gym. Go out to the movies or book that dreamed-of vacation. In fact, more than one-third of women said that an upcoming vacation would inspire them to lose weight. By putting a vacation on the schedule, one may feel extra-motivated to achieve weight-loss goals.

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