Saturday | 5.26.2018
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For the Shock and Perplexities of a Breast-Cancer Diagnosis Come Answers

A diagnosis of breast cancer can be overwhelming, but help is at hand.

First comes the shock of the diagnosis. Then come discussions of the path of treatment. Then comes navigation of the complexities of insurance, bills and appointments, while simultaneously dealing with the practicalities of work and home life. With so many questions to ask, and as many decisions to make, it can be a challenge to focus on the most important task of all - getting well. 

Now The Breast Cancer Companion: A Guide for the Newly Diagnosed creates a much needed bridge from uncertainty to certainty when a woman first finds out she has breast cancer.  This book is a road map guiding a woman step by step from the first consultations, through the treatment-decision process and the treatments themselves, to recovery.

This book includes:

  • Detailed instructions on important information to gather 
  • Lists of questions to ask the doctor
  • Guides to how to prepare for various treatments - surgery, chemotherapy, radiation
  • Advice on healthful eating and stress reduction
  • Inspirational words from breast-cancer survivors
  • Ample space to record medical, medication, treatment and lab-result histories
  • Logs to record health-insurance calls and medical bills
  • Appointment calendars
  • A glossary of medical terms
  • A resource guide of helpful magazines, books and support organizations for further research

The Breast Cancer Companion is an organizer, resource and guide that can help women mount a smart, aggressive, organized and ultimately successful battle with breast cancer.

Co-author Nancy Sokolowski, R.N., O.C.N., is a nationally recognized breast health specialist, with a 30-year career at Norwalk Hospital, the teaching affiliate of the Yale University School of Medicine. Her role as the co-founder of the hospital's Smilow Family Breast Health Center and her pioneering role of "breast-cancer navigator" assisting newly diagnosed breast-cancer patients through myriad hospital services make her uniquely positioned to write the The Breast Cancer Companion. Co-author Valerie Rossi is also co-author of My Diabetes Workbook: The Essential Planner and Organizer for People With Type 2 Diabetes.

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