Monday | 6.25.2018
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New criteria may double number of women with GDM

Mental condition might affect how the eyes function

Free online test may determine need for comprehensive exam

Psychologist offers ways for new parents to cope

AMA says programs substitute corporate policy for physicians' clinical judgment

Strategies are offered for dealing with the 'invisible handicap


How to handle fevers, colds, the flu and medications

Suggestions are offered to couples who hope to become parents

Straight talk from a heart institute about a widely misunderstood matter

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder affects nearly 3 million children globally

Three-minute cellphone checklist could be easy step toward help for untreated millions

Advice is offered for improving teenagers' sleep pattern

'Hands Only' CPR is recommended for most sudden collapses

Structured brief physical activity in the workplace benefits employees and company

Book is a guide to navigating the challenges of breast-cancer treatment and recovery

After a breast-cancer regimen, everyday activity is critical

Here’s how adult children can handle the hardest conversation of their lives

Book seeks to empower and educate caregivers, families and medical professionals to make difficult choices with respect

Study shows that where the fat is makes a notable difference

Physical activity may help elderly sustain independent living in their own homes longer

Simple and effective strategies are offered for living fully

Online source may help find plan best-suited to health-insurance needs

Tips are offered for getting back on the healthful-resolution bandwagon

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