Monday | 6.25.2018
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A new study indicates there is wide discrepancy in diagnostic testing for kidney disease among patients with these conditions, with patients with high blood pressure (hypertension) tested at half the rate as those with diabetes.
In this online fitness challenge players compete to improve their fitness while competing for a charity of their choice.  
To update a home remedy arsenal, seven experts shared their latest discoveries, from headache panaceas to simple solutions for stiff backs, indigestion, charley horses, and more.
French researchers announced a striking 15% decrease in admissions of patients with myocardial infarction to emergency wards since the public ban on smoking came into effect in restaurants, hotels and casinos in France last January.
Now, those with cancer have a comprehensive information resource available to guide treatment options and survival.
With the winter weather biting hard in many parts of the country, people may feel that their arthritis pain is influenced by the weather

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