Monday | 6.25.2018
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Challenged by Caregiving at Home? A Handbook Offers Help

Michael Stahl

A new handbook offers support for inexperienced laypeople who find themselves thrust into the role of caregiver at home.

The book is Health Care - Are You Ready?: A Handbook for Care Givers (AuthorHouse -  Author Michael Wayne K. Stahl provides tools and templates to manage the entire healthcare process and to help caregivers build partnerships with medical professionals.

Stahl's involvement in healthcare began when he observed his great-grandmother receiving care in her daughter's home. He played a substantial role in the healthcare of his sister, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age 20, and of his wife, who was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer at the age of 43.

Together, Stahl and his wife worked through a stem-cell transplant, chemotherapy and radiation, surgery and hospice care.

Based on his experiences in providing care for his father, sister and wife, Stahl discusses how to navigate the medical, legal and insurance processes to maximize benefits; how to efficiently provide effective care and support; how to maintain the caregiver's work, life and care balance; and personal health through the caregiving process. Stahl also details how to avoid or mitigate pitfalls in the caregiving role.

Caregiving can be rewarding, exciting and even spiritual. But if it isn't managed properly, it can also be exhausting and filled with anxiety and frustration. Caregivers may have to balance responsibility as well for healthy children, work and a living environment, along with the accompanying demands.

By providing a holistic and comprehensive view of caregiving, Health Care - Are You Ready? is designed to help prepare every caregiver for this special role.

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