Monday | 6.25.2018
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Compassion Urged as Key Role in Alzheimer’s Caregiving

With Alzheimer’s disease on the rise, family members and friends of patients are looking for
answers more than ever.

Shaking Hands With Alzheimer’s Disease: A Guide for Compassionate Caregiving by Maria Pertik, Ph.D., is designed to help caregivers and relatives incorporate compassion in their everyday interactions with Alzheimer’s disease patients.
While Pertik’s main goal is to provide caregivers, family members and friends with better ways to interact with patients, she believes that doing so with compassion help improve the relationship with the parent, sibling, neighbor, friend or whomever may be cared for.
The author discusses communication skills that are simple but which she believes are effective that emphasize compassion for the individual with Alzheimer’s disease. Topics include grieving, difficult caregiving decisions and the caregiver’s own routine of self-care. She uses firsthand experiences and a variety of support tools to help readers do their job to the best of their abilities.
“Having been touched both in my professional and personal lives by this disease, I felt the need to provide support and techniques for caretakers and those indirectly involved in the process,” Pertik says.
Pertik believes that both the caregiver and the patient can benefit from a little compassion in daily interactions. Having been in the readers’ shoes with her own mother years prior, she hopes that her book can be the source of support she had always wished for.
The book is available for sale online at and through other channels.

About the Author:
Known as Dr. Mo, Maria Pertik, Ph.D., has a background that spans both mental and physical health as a registered nurse with her doctorate in psychology. Her experience with Alzheimer's disease dates back to her mother, who she took care of until she died. She has taught thousands of assisted-living caretakers and observed how they interacted with residents and their family members. She has worked with major corporations teaching individuals how to manage stress. She is a licensed and certified Alzheimer’s trainer with the Department of Child and Family in Florida as well as certified mental-health nurse and biofeedback therapist. Her book Stress Management and Me has been used internationally, especially through the Peace Corps in Santo Domingo and Ecuador.

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